Week of 3/25/2019

As we return to sculling on the water, how do improve our technique and learn to scull well together with each other? As a starting point I recommend revisiting a drill I included in our weekly [...]

Week of 3/18/2019

What is the essence of sculling? As we continue to erg while and get ready to transition back out onto the water, I thought the following video with Troy Howell from Craftsbury would be helpful [...]

Week of 3/11/2019

As we continue through the Spring season, our workouts will include opportunities to row at a variety of stroke rates. This week’s suggested workouts are below.   Tech Talk Jim Joy posted an [...]

Week of 3/4/2019

Now that our winter group rows have concluded, I encourage everyone to continue to enjoy working out independently. I plan to continue to post a suggested workouts each week on my site, so check [...]