A Remote-Controlled Coxswain

Way back in 2006, I was asked to coach at Craftsbury. Two adaptive scullers would be at the camp for a week and that was when I first met James and Linda Mumford. They both were born with [...]

Learning to Scull – The Basics

During the Summer of 2018 I enjoyed teaching a learn to row class at Sagamore Rowing in Oyster Bay, NY. I prepared a handout for each class with the lesson for the day. During the summer, the [...]

Light Your Way

For safety in the Fall season, anyone on the water near or after sunset MUST have lights on their shell. Every shell needs both a red/green bow light and a white stern light. My personal choice [...]

Three Pause Drill

The Three Pause Drill is a drill that I learned from Jim Joy. The purpose of this drill is to break down the parts of the recovery and the entry to gain a better understanding of how to let the [...]

The Fluid Release

The fluid release is a concept I first learned from coach Jim Joy. Below are many great points quoted from Jim Joy’s paper on “The Sculler’s Philosophy and The Whole Technique”. Jimmy [...]

An Exercise in Self-Rescue

As the saying goes “there are two types of scullers, those who have flipped and those who will”. Since flipping over in a sculling shell will eventually happen to everyone, practicing [...]

Summer of 1998

What is the value in learning something new? Looking back at the summer of 1998, that was the year I began learning more about this sport of sculling. After several years of sculling and learning [...]

Summer Solstice 2018

This evening was the summer solstice and I had the good fortune of it also being both high tide and fairly calm water. I ventured out onto the bay in my single. At first the power boat traffic [...]

In Unison

So one goal I have had for a while, several years now, is to switch back to sculling more in the mornings. This morning my alarm clock went off at 5 a.m. and around 5:45 a.m. I was pulling up [...]

Free Floating Out on the Bay

The first row each year always has a special feel to it. Here in the Northeast of the United States, we are often off the water for the entire Winter due to ice and cold weather. So come each [...]