Erging in the New Year!

Concept2 is running a new monthly challenge for January 2020 called January Revolutions Challenge. There are a few different options to choose from, but the goal I am going after is to: [...]

Week of 10/28/2019

Late fall can often be a tricky time of the year. Some days the wind and weather just do not allow for rowing on the water, but we may not have shifted our focus to training indoors. Over last [...]

Week of 4/15/2019

Building on last week’s drills, this week’s goal is to think about the drive as being one whole movement. Too often rowing is taught as a sequence of movements which can produce a segmented and [...]

Week of 4/8/2019

The overall goal of this week’s drills is to emphasize a series of drills to learn how to become more comfortable reaching full slide. We can then begin to focus on how the blades meet the water [...]

Week of 4/1/2019

“Don’t try to pull too hard, pull evenly”. This week as we continue to erg and also begin to scull on the water, I recommend focusing on our technique in more detail. Jim Joy does a wonderful job [...]

Week of 3/25/2019

As we return to sculling on the water, how do improve our technique and learn to scull well together with each other? As a starting point I recommend revisiting a drill I included in our weekly [...]

Week of 3/18/2019

What is the essence of sculling? As we continue to erg while and get ready to transition back out onto the water, I thought the following video with Troy Howell from Craftsbury would be helpful [...]

Week of 3/11/2019

As we continue through the Spring season, our workouts will include opportunities to row at a variety of stroke rates. This week’s suggested workouts are below.   Tech Talk Jim Joy posted an [...]

Week of 3/4/2019

Now that our winter group rows have concluded, I encourage everyone to continue to enjoy working out independently. I plan to continue to post a suggested workouts each week on my site, so check [...]

Week of 2/25/2019

Congrats to everyone who completed all four of our “demonstrations of fitness”. The goal of our winter training is to be in better shape to enjoy our rowing on the bay this Spring. So, the [...]

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