The Letter “R”

Photo from my shell this morning in Oyster Bay Cove, NY

“Today was brought to you by the Letter “R”.” That was how the first dock talk I ever heard at Craftsbury began. Dan Roock went on to talk about the Release, the Recovery, and Relaxation.

This morning I ventured out onto Oyster Bay and continued my focus on the release. I sculled along the south shore over to Oyster Bay Cove and was treated to some beautiful calm water.

In the cove I took time to try the King of the Mountain drill and I also did some slow motion sculling. I could feel a difference in the release when I allowed my elbows to stay high and away, following the arc of the oar, followed up with a slight downward tap at the release. My focus was on allowing the top 1″ of the blade to come out square before the water turns the blade onto the feather.

My hope is to tie this into what Jim Joy taught:

We have to know why we do movements in a particular pattern. We have to think holistically for the best results of our efforts. The final movement patterns must be simple and energy conserving. All extraneous movements must be eliminated. Everything must lead to flow and smooth movement.” 1

Jimmy noted that “There is a nice flow from the elbows; the little anconeus muscle on the posterior side of the elbow joint is the activator for the release and smooth follow through actions.” 2

Well, as I allowed myself time to focus on the release I could feel the shell running more level and the release felt more fluid.

So it was great to get out for a longer row this morning. I could feel my legs getting tired on the row back, so I will need to focus on the whole movement. It was nice to see 19 single scullers from Sagamore Rowing at the boathouse this morning. Onward.

  1.  From an email from James C. Joy on August 10, 2018.
  2. The Sculler’s Philosophy and The Whole Technique” by James C. Joy

By Mike Wagner

Mike began rowing in 1992 during his freshman year at Hofstra University. He learned to scull the following summer at the Sagamore Rowing Association. Mike worked with the Joy of Sculling as the Program Manager for the Coaching Conferences from 2013-2019. He continues to actively scull and coach both at Sagamore and at the Craftsbury Outdoors Center in Vermont.

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