Breathing in the Dark

Last night out on the Bay, as darkness fell, I truly enjoyed the experience of sculling back to the beach. I could feel the shell moving well in the water. I felt relaxed as each stroke connected to the next. It’s now the end of September and we are normally off the water in early… Continue reading Breathing in the Dark

The Letter “R”

“Today was brought to you by the Letter “R”.” That was how the first dock talk I ever heard at Craftsbury began. Dan Roock went on to talk about the Release, the Recovery, and Relaxation. This morning I ventured out onto Oyster Bay and continued my focus on the release. I sculled along the south shore… Continue reading The Letter “R”

A Remote-Controlled Coxswain

A photo of Linda and James Mumford and myself at the 2006 FISA Masters regatta at Mercer Lake in New Jersey.

Way back in 2006, I was asked to coach at Craftsbury. Two adaptive scullers would be at the camp for a week and that was when I first met James and Linda Mumford. They both were born with Usher’s syndrome, a condition characterized by partial or total hearing loss and vision loss that worsens over… Continue reading A Remote-Controlled Coxswain

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Erging in the New Year!

Concept2 is running a new monthly challenge for January 2020 called January Revolutions Challenge. There are a few different options to choose from, but the goal I am going after is to: “The Big Stretch: Row, ski or ride every day in January”. So I need to row at least 500m a day for it… Continue reading Erging in the New Year!

Week of 10/28/2019

Late fall can often be a tricky time of the year. Some days the wind and weather just do not allow for rowing on the water, but we may not have shifted our focus to training indoors. Over last winter I published a series of weekly workouts. I’d like to try to do the same… Continue reading Week of 10/28/2019

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Light Your Way

For safety in the Fall season, anyone on the water near or after sunset MUST have lights on their shell. Every shell needs both a red/green bow light and a white stern light. My personal choice for lights are the RowKraft Beacon Lights. I have used the same set of RowKraft lights for over five… Continue reading Light Your Way

Three Pause Drill

The Three Pause Drill is a drill that I learned from Jim Joy. The purpose of this drill is to break down the parts of the recovery and the entry to gain a better understanding of how to let the blades meet the water efficiently. Start by sitting at the release, blades square in the water. Release… Continue reading Three Pause Drill

The Fluid Release

The fluid release is a concept I first learned from coach Jim Joy. Below are many great points quoted from Jim Joy’s paper on “The Sculler’s Philosophy and The Whole Technique”. Jimmy refers to the release as a “critical section of the stroke cycle” that “parallels the follow through of the golf and tennis swings.”… Continue reading The Fluid Release