Breathing in the Dark

Last night out on the Bay, as darkness fell, I truly enjoyed the experience of sculling back to the beach. I could feel the shell moving well in the water. I felt relaxed as each stroke connected to the next. It’s now the end of September and we are normally off the water in early… Continue reading Breathing in the Dark

The Letter “R”

“Today was brought to you by the Letter “R”.” That was how the first dock talk I ever heard at Craftsbury began. Dan Roock went on to talk about the Release, the Recovery, and Relaxation. This morning I ventured out onto Oyster Bay and continued my focus on the release. I sculled along the south shore… Continue reading The Letter “R”

Three Pause Drill

The Three Pause Drill is a drill that I learned from Jim Joy. The purpose of this drill is to break down the parts of the recovery and the entry to gain a better understanding of how to let the blades meet the water efficiently. Start by sitting at the release, blades square in the water. Release… Continue reading Three Pause Drill